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Western Riding Lessons
Lesson Plans and Goals for each level

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
Ages 9 to Adult

Learn the safest way to work around horses through a safe riding environment with professional instructors certified in their field of teaching riding.  Horsemanship is not only riding; we have educational classes made fun and entertaining to increase your knowledge of horse management.  Horsemanship safety, ground handing, grooming,saddling and mounting.
Safety rules are reviewed and implemented with each student.

Lesson plans with goals are designed for each class that build on one another.  This gives the student self confidence in accomplishment with every lesson.  Horsemanship safety is always our top priority.  Lessons aimed at balance, body alignment and communication skills between the rider and the horse.  Each class is organized to have goals to work towards.  West Side provides the horse for you so you don't need to own a horse!  Horses are assigned based on each riders riding skills and personalities.

Beginner: Western Style Riding - The goals you will work towards in Level 1 includes body alignment, balance, and an independent seat which are the basic building blocks.  Learn how to use the natural aids to control your horse (weight, leg pressure, hands, and voice).  Increase your riding skills by learning and riding the clover-leaf barrel pattern and the pole pattern using cones.  These patterns developed your skill of communication through weigh and leg pressure.

Intermediate to Advance:  Western Style Riding - You must have control of your horse at a trot.  At Level 11, you will learn more about natural aids.  Then you will proceed with the jog or trot demonstrating, posting, standing for balance, and sitting the trot. After passing the test then you will proceed to the lope or canter and learn correct leads.  Practice figure patterns are fun with clover-leaf barrel pattern and weaving through cones using your natural aids to communicate guidance to your horse.